Saturday, August 21, 2010


I live in the “expat oasis” of Maadi. I have yet to see more that a few westerner’s at the supermarket, and other than us I haven’t seen too many. From the sounds of it, most people are away for the summer, and the hot August month. The Egyptians who live and work in Maadi are used to seeing foreigners and their lack of clothing, and some speak a little English. The roads are dirty and covered in sand and rubbish, and the sidewalks are broken and also dirty. People walk down the roads instead. People like this area because it is cleaner than the rest of Cairo...I know, I said it was dirty! Its also very green- there are lots of trees here. There are cars everywhere, parked on the sides of the roads, driving down the roads and honking at everyone and everything. Taxis always honk as they come up to you, as they go by and after they pass- just in case you didn’t see them, or hear them the first 3 times. People so far have not even bothered to look at me! Which is fine with me. The ones who do talk, have been so friendly. Their English is very basic, only knowing a few words.

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