Friday, August 20, 2010

First Impressions from my Arrival in Cairo

I arrived in Cairo, Egypt after 2 days of travel. The flight itself was interesting, with people taking out their Qurans and praying at their chairs. And a very noisy flight- it was my introduction to the night life here, as the city comes awake after 8 pm. Here are my initial impressions:

-the heat was like a blast from a furnace- it feels as if I am standing next to a fire all the time

-the airport is surrounded by sand

-looking at the city as we flew in gives the impression of no order- the streets are all in circles and there is no straight lines

-Cairo goes on forever

-the drive to my flat was terrifying! No lights, lots of honking

-the people would give you their shirts off their backs-culturally they seem to give, give, give

-constant haze that you think is clouds (if you’re from the country) but its smog, and a constant smell- dirt and sand and heat coming off the ground

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